Owls are just cool

Owls are fast becoming a favorite among bird lovers, not only for their beauty but for their assistance in keeping pest populations at bay.  Owls are popular with farmers, vintners, home gardeners and bird lovers alike, and drawing these beautiful birds to your yard is much easier if you provide the type of home they naturally seek.

barn owl

Barn owls, for instance, are so called because they often nest in the eaves of barns, where they can enjoy protection from the elements as well as a handy supply of prey. Barn owls are renowned for their ability to help keep pests such as rodents and bugs under control – so much so that many barns feature holes specifically designed to give these beautiful birds easy access. A barn owl box from WildBirdStoreOnline.com makes it easy to create a durable, comfortable nest designed specifically for barn owls and their specific needs.

Kestrels are also excellent for pest control, and prefer nests that are located near open woods or wooded lots. Choose one of our beautiful kestrel owl houses and place it high in a tree or on a wall – 10 to 30 feet. With the built in perch, the house’s resident can scan for prey and help keep your rodent population under control.

Screech owls have very specific needs, so in order to attract them to your yard, you’ll need an owl house with the right nesting cavity and a 3” opening. The screech owl houses on our site feature slanted roofs, ample overhangs, good ventilation and interior netting for fledglings. Each is constructed to blend in with the environment and provide years of enjoyment.

Whether you are a farmer interesting in protecting your crops or a conservationist who wants to provide a safe habitat for these beautiful birds, owl houses from are the perfect choice. Crafted from durable materials and designed specifically for each type of bird, these owl houses are as beautiful as they are functional.

The barn owls can even on occasion have two nests in one calendar year which doubles your pleasure if you enjoy seeing baby owls come to maturity. Watching them hunt is a true marvel as they are virtually silent in flight which is what makes them such amazing predators. Well, that in combination with their amazing sense of sight and hearing and they’re truly one of the best hunters on the planet.

We found this pretty cool store that has a bunch of owl houses to choose from.  They have houses for barn owls, screech owls, barred owls and kestrel falcons which are pretty amazing hunters also.   Let us know if you’re an owl lover.

We promised to plug that store on Facebook also here.  Happy owl days to you!


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